Where CIP Asset Management sees credit opportunities in the rubble – James Marlay


Let’s not mince words – it was a rough first quarter for investors. Apart from commodities and silver, it was very difficult to earn and keep money anywhere in the market. For credit investors like CIP Asset Management’s Pete Robinson, the first three months will be one of the biggest drawdowns in history, thanks in large part to base interest rates.

But is the worst behind us?

Pete says it’s a two-part story – especially as basis yields rise sharply (i.e. a steepening of the yield curve) and credit spreads start to widen after two years of depressed returns. Pete notes we’re back to pre-pandemic levels on this one and he says green sprouts are starting to appear.

In this edition of Expert Insights, Pete will tell us more about the opportunities he sees in the space – including a note on the importance of price to performance dispersion. Plus, we’ll get a glimpse into his selection process as he siphons off the best and worst opportunities.

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