What disaster payments are you still entitled to?


Changes to federal government pandemic disaster payments have now been introduced to help ease the burden of testing, isolation and close contact requirements across the country.

But while some of these changes are already in effect, there is still confusion over who is eligible for relief payments and what they entitle you to.

Now an expert in finance, Effie Zahos says that eligibility is now more difficult and that the criteria have been tightened.

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Latest changes to disaster payments

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“The big deal now, starting Jan. 18, they’re going to cut payments if you’ve lost more than 20 hours to $ 750 per week and if you’ve lost less than 19 hours, it’s $ 450,” Effie said. to Today.

“The other thing they add in regards to eligibility, you must have less than $ 10,000 in savings.”

As state governments try to streamline the way you ask for help, people can call 180 22 66, a helpline number if they can’t get online.

Governments have said they will update the pandemic disaster payment on June 30 of this year and to date more than $ 230 million has been released under this program.

Latest changes to disaster payments

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Pandemic disaster payments differ slightly between states and territories, but people can file a claim if they wait to see if they are positive or negative.

But Effie cautions that you can’t claim both the isolation payment and get the pandemic disaster payout.

“It’s a hard rule in some states and territories, but it just means not at the same time,” she says.

“It’s worth looking at this, obviously if you’re negative it may be worth calling for these tests and isolating the payments.”

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Latest changes to disaster payments

Effie advises looking carefully online to see what small business eligibility you might have, as these have caused headaches for many so far.

“We know that in NSW there is a guarantee of up to $ 20,000, but nothing has been paid under that grant because NSW has to issue a public health order,” she said.

“A lot of restaurants have closed because they are unstaffed, but they are not eligible for this grant – so in some cases businesses are well targeted and in others they are not.”

Effie says the sooner you check in, the better, as many business supports are expected to end later in January and in Victoria, commercial rent relief ends this Friday.

Latest changes to disaster payments

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