The president of the AMAC promises to pay the unpaid debts belonging to 50 entrepreneurs


By Salisu Sani-Idris

The Chairman of the Abuja City Council (AMAC), Hon. Christopher Maikalangu has pledged to pay all outstanding debts belonging to contractors who have completed various contracts awarded by the immediate previous administration of the council.

Mr. Kingsley Madaki, Senior Special Assistant, Media and Public Affairs to the Chairman of AMAC, in a statement on Monday in Abuja, Maikalangu said, gave the assurance by addressing aggrieved contractors who have not yet been paid for work performed for the previous administration.

The president, who called on contractors to be patient, however, revealed that despite funding difficulties, the administration had paid a month’s salary belonging to the previous administration.

Maikalangu, who attributed the delay in payments to declining internal revenue generation (IGR) and expected funds from the federal government, expressed optimism that the contractors would be paid as soon as possible.

“It would be unfair for your money to be stuck somewhere for a number of years. As you all know, this is a new administration. I resumed my duties on June 14.

“So, I felt that we should invite all the contractors belonging to the previous administration to know us. You worked for the council and you deserve your payment.

“I want you to bear in mind that very soon we will be calling you for a proper inspection of all the projects you said have been completed. We will focus on the projects that have reached 100% completion.

“Truth be told, we may not pay for everything. Don’t expect us to perform magic, as all necessary findings must be made before any payment is made.

“Most of the debt dates back to 2016 to 2019. Government is a continuum, we want to assure you that we will pay it off gradually.”

The AMAC boss revealed that the council was making serious efforts to secure the expected funds from the federal government.

“We will also ensure that we increase our internal revenue generation (IGR) to allow us to offset our liabilities. I want to assure you that all of our contractors will be paid soon,” he said.

While thanking the Chairman for his pledges to offset the debt held by the previous administration, Mr. Bello Shafiw, Managing Director of Christal Love and Tina Nigeria Ltd., said the audience granted by the new Chairman of the Board was a big step in the right direction. .

“With this kind of chairman at the helm of the council, residents need to be assured that things will work out well for good.

“We didn’t expect you to call us or have an interest in paying off a debt he didn’t incur. Most of us have since lost hope, but with this assurance that we have here today, our hope is already rekindled.

“Some of us are indebted for years after the work is finished. We asked and no one answered us, but thank goodness for the response we got from this current administration. (NOPE)

Edited by Grace Yussuf


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