The government statement indicates that the Punjab will provide MSP on 113 crops; The minister specifies “can make a plan”


Punjab Agriculture Minister Randeep Singh Nabha found himself in a stinging situation after a press release from the Public Relations Department, citing him, said the Punjab government will provide a minimum support price MSP to state farmers on 113 crops, if the Center did not. .

Nabha, however, told The Indian Express that “he meant” that the government of Punjab “could develop a plan to provide an MSP on 113 crops excluding wheat and paddy” if the Center did not guarantee the same thing.
“Farmers’ unions provided a list of 113 crops, which included all types of grains except wheat and paddy, oilseeds and pulses, among others. We can consider providing MSP on these crops, if the center drags its feet, ”he said, adding that the state had to create an infrastructure for him first and that work in this direction was underway. .

Earlier, a statement issued by the DPR officer in Jalandhar said: “In an important announcement, Punjab Agriculture Minister Randeep Singh Nabha said the Punjab government would provide MSP on 113 crops if the Center could not guarantee the same. Interacting with media representatives here at the local circuit house, the minister stressed that the Center should announce a guarantee on MSP so that the interests of the agricultural fraternity can be protected. He said he had already hailed the Center for the Repeal of Three Black Farm Laws, but the Union government should announce the MSP on Crops without further delay ”.

“Reiterating the state government’s strong commitment to serving the ‘anndatas’, Nabha said it was time to address farmers’ concerns by making them the top priority. However, he also expressed hope that the center would accede to farmers’ demands to provide a guarantee to the MSP, adding that restless farmers would not return until their demands were met, “the statement said.

Later, Nabha said that the state government headed by Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi had formulated a “vision document” aimed at transforming the agricultural sector, which would be implemented by dividing the Punjab into six zones. He said the vision document emphasizes the need to integrate technology into agriculture so that farmers can benefit from these techniques to increase their income and reduce their expenses. The use of drones and other state-of-the-art equipment would be made to achieve this goal, he said. In addition, the government was also in the process of partnering with experts in the field to elevate the agricultural sector taking into account the many crops grown in the state.

Expressing concern over the loss of the lives of more than 700 farmers during the agitation against agricultural laws, the minister said the government of Punjab has provided jobs to relatives of victims in 157 cases and is also considering the request. farm organizations to offer jobs to family members of another 122.

He also praised the contribution of Punjab farmers in adopting stubble management practices, with the state seeing a 41% drop in farm fires this year. He claimed that the state government has made concerted efforts to promote crop residue management practices and that subsidies ranging from 60 to 80 percent on such equipment are provided to farmers through centers for harvesting. personalized hiring.


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