The best accessories for air travel


We’ve been waiting for the return of air travel for a long time, and the holidays are a great time to help friends and family brush up on their travel game with the best accessories for life at 30,000 feet. The options are plentiful – chargers that fit in your wallet, temperature-regulating eye masks, and carry-ons that slide over any surface – these are the gifts that will keep your loved ones on the trip warm, comfortable and ready to go. all.

The best wheeled bag

Briggs & Riley Sympatico continue: Briggs & Riley bags are sleek and stylish suitcases, which is good enough for some travelers, but I love their durability and lightness and the ease with which they move over any surface. This mobility comes from a patented double ball bearing wheel that makes this bag glide like butter on just about any surface. It’s also a lightweight bag, perfect for the die-hard traveler who never saves a bag that has to lift it into an overhead compartment over and over again. The hard case also expands and has a built-in TSA-compatible combination lock combined with a power source the back of the bag allows a pass-through USB cord for on-the-go charging. $ 599.00

The best personal item (backpack)

Gregory Resin 25L Backpack: This Gregory pack is made from recycled materials and comes with a lifetime warranty. Durable, stylish and designed for routine travel with a padded 15 inch laptop pocket and it is weather resistant. It’s very light, easy to use, and holds a substantial amount of stuff (you can easily store a wallet, book, coat, and other travel supplies in the main cavity). The only downside with this pack, and with almost all of those tested, is that the interior color is often too dark, causing small items to disappear and make them harder to find. $ 109.95

Healthy socks

Compression stockings: Somewhere in the United States, there is a humane-raised sheep who donated their woolen coat to the cause of better health on the plane. Indeed, the compression sock is the only item that can have a dramatic effect on how you feel at the end of a long trip. These are well-fitting socks that apply gentle pressure to your foot and calf in order to maintain stable blood flow (prevention of clots, tired legs and swollen feet), and they make you feel a little more cheerful and less lazy. Thanks to brands like Sockwell (and a few hairless sheep), we don’t have to look like we’re stepping out of the medical supply store when we’re wearing them.

Technical support

The payment card: This portable charger is just a little thicker than a credit card, thin enough to slip into your wallet’s credit card pocket. Capable of charging both iPhones and Androids, and it can even charge iPads, Kindles, speakers, and headphones with its micro-USB cable. Notes, these cables will not fit in your wallet so some light packing is needed for these extra items. A portable charger is a staple in long-haul travel these days, as your phone is often needed to show proof of vaccination, covid test results, and passenger locator forms – it’s best not to be surprised with a dead battery during the immigration queue.

Support for sleep and comfort:

Sugar bear sleep vitamins: Sleep assistance on a long flight is essential and this A tasty gel blend of melatonin leaf, lemon balm, passion flower, valerian root and 5-HTP (hydroxytrytophan extract, which increases serotonin levels), will put you to sleep in about 30 minutes. They don’t leave you sedated when it’s time to wake up so you can be on your game for customs and immigration. $ 29.99

Travel neck pillow:

A serious neck pillow is part of any solid sleep routine on an airplane. This is an item you want to splurge on – and this one from Away has a main string that runs through the entire interior and bungee cords on both sides for the perfect height adjustment – you really need to the pillow to wrap your neck or you will wake up throughout the flight adjusting it. It also features thermoregulating fabric to keep you warm or cool, and it unfolds into a flat shape for easy storage. $ 55

Pranayama Athlete Wrap: Sleek and responsive, this shawl has deep side pockets and a perfect mid-weight texture for staying warm on long-haul flights. I slipped my glasses into a pocket and pulled the scarf over my chest. , the wide collar line and collar roll up easily to cover your neck as well. Made from durable Tencel Modal and Spandex; easy machine wash and dry. $ 89

Sanibel Coolibar Daily Beach Shawl: Travel professionals often wrap a towel or envelope to work as a blanket on a cold plane or as a floor mat when it looks like you will be delayed for several hours. This one has the nice extra touch of fabric sunscreen, so if after you arrive you find yourself waiting in a taxi, bus, or train, it will be nice to have some sunscreen. $ 34


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