Strongsville school board member faces two challengers in November


STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – A recently appointed Strongsville School Board member will face two challengers in the November 2 general election.

Sherry Buckner-Sallee, appointed to the school board in June 2020, is running for her first full four-year term. Its challengers are newcomers Sharon Kilbane and Hayley Christine Stovcik.

The election is on November 2. Early voting begins October 5. The top two voters in the Strongsville school board race will win school board seats.

Here are the profiles of each candidate. The race is non-partisan, meaning candidates are running without partisan labels. However, their political affiliations are included here to provide additional information to voters.

Sherry Buckner-Salle

Candidate: Sherry Buckner-Salle

Age: 54

Address: 12525 Churchill Road South

Occupation: Adjunct Professor, Accounting, Lorain County Community College; owner, Sydby Enterprises LLC, a trucking company; accountant

Elected position or previous campaign: Appointed to Strongsville School Board in June 2020

Education: Bachelor of Accounting, Baldwin Wallace University; Master of Commerce, Cleveland State University

Family: Husband Brian; girls Sydney, 23, and Shelby, 18

Political party: Democrat

Why are you running “I look forward to being part of the solution in taking our district to the next level to compete with the state’s top schools.

“I moved to Strongsville over 25 years ago, including schools. From Kindergarten to Grade 12, the schools in the town of Strongsville have provided a place for my daughters to thrive, and they continue to thrive in part because of their experiences in Strongsville.

“Over the years, I have volunteered in schools in a variety of roles including room mom, APE board representative, school APE treasurer, as well as serving on several other committees. My background in education, my knowledge of finance as a certified public accountant, and having recently graduated children from the district gives me a unique perspective.

“My children grew up in schools in the city of Strongsville and I know the vision of the Mustang model that we strive to cultivate.

“Having served on the Board of Directors during these difficult times only cemented my desire to continue serving. The school board needs leadership that listens to and represents the stakeholders in our community: students, parents, teachers and staff.

“My ability to think critically, communicate effectively, work well with our team, and champion ideas that support our students makes me an effective board member. I would like to be a key element in continuing to improve our schools.

“Rest assured that I will be a strong advocate for our students and work hard to build on our legacy. “

Should face masks be optional or compulsory for children in school? Or do you think masks are harmful or unnecessary? “I believe that wearing a mask is an effective tool in reducing the spread of the coronavirus in schools. It is the school’s job to educate and keep our students safe. We know that learning in person is the best way to educate our students. It becomes difficult to keep students, teachers and staff at school when they either need to self-isolate due to a positive test for the virus or be quarantined due to direct contact with a positive case.

“Whether the masks are optional or mandatory depends on the number of cases we experience in our neighborhood and our buildings. As cases in our schools begin to increase, requiring masks may serve the goal of keeping our students, teachers and staff in school safe.

“That being said, exemptions and modifications may be made for students with medical conditions or if wearing a mask interferes with student learning.”

Candidate’s website: Facebook @ Sherry.StrongsvilleBOE

Strongsville Sharon Kilbane 2

Sharon kilbane

Candidate: Sharon kilbane

Age: 64

Address: 13055 Chasemoor Drive

Occupation: Co-owner of the artisanal supply centers of Pat Catan until the sale of the company in 2016; former board member of Darice Inc., an artisanal sourcing center linked to Pat Catan’s

Elected position or previous campaign: Nothing

Education: Graduated from Nazareth Academy High School in Parma Heights; studied voice and music at the old Koch Music School in Rocky River

Family: Husband Kevin; children Ryan, 44, Kelly, 42, Erin, 39, Meghan, 36 and Sean, 33

Political party: Republican

Why are you running “I have lived in Strongsville for 33 years, where my husband and I raised five children. We both worked in our family business, Pat Catan’s, also in Strongsville. Three of our five children attended Strongsville High School and five of our grandchildren attended or are currently in Strongsville schools.

“Over the past 18 months, I have watched children and parents navigate school closures, virtual learning, quarantines, mask warrants and a host of other consequences of responding to the pandemic.

“We were divided as a community and in turn this only affected our children, from loss of learning to mental health issues, which were just put aside.

“I believe that with accurate data and less fear we can come to a point of reason. We should be able to work together to have meaningful strategies, to help calm fears, and also to realize that children need to learn, grow and develop.

“I hope that through data-driven research and science, we can form the great community that I have been a part of for 33 years.

Should face masks be optional or compulsory for children in school? Or do you think masks are harmful or unnecessary? “Masks are a very controversial issue not only here, but across the country. I believe in freedom of choice and believe that a parent should be responsible for the health and well-being of their child.

“If anyone chooses to wear a mask, it is their right. Alternatively, if someone chooses not to hide their child, that is also their right. No one should be punished or tried for making an informed decision about their child’s health.

“I have looked at many studies from both sides and there is no clear data that masks have much effect, if any. Parents should always have the right to choose either way, and the government should not impose any medical intervention on children without parental consent. “

Candidate’s website: None provided

Strongsville Hayley Stovcik 2

Hayley stovcik

Candidate: Hayley Christine Stovcik

Age: 36

Address: 18361 Walnut Drive

Occupation: Owner and Artistic Director, Caliber Dance Company, a North Royalton dance studio

Elected position or previous campaign: Nothing

Education: Bachelor of Political Science, with a minor in Dance and Choreography, Ohio University

Family: Alone

Political party: Independent, although Cuyahoga County Electoral Board votes show participation in Republican primaries over the years

Why are you running “I would love to be a member of the Strongsville School Board to help maintain and improve student achievement, as well as ensure teachers have the ability to have the appropriate professional development and support.

“I want to create the best possible world for children, because the opportunities we offer them today will ultimately shape the world of tomorrow.”

Should face masks be optional or compulsory for children in school? Or do you think masks are harmful or unnecessary? “I think wearing face masks should be the personal decision of each student (and their parents), unless a mandate is made at the state level.

“While I understand that it is important for children to be exposed to certain things in order to build their immunity throughout their lives, I am also aware of the current global pandemic. Taking into account the physical and mental needs of each as a child, I think masking should be optional and a choice every family should make. ”

Applicant’s website:

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