Statement by NJAAW Executive Director Cathy Rowe, DrPH at Virtual Signing of Governor’s Bill for S397 / A681


Statement by NJAAW Executive Director Cathy Rowe, DrPH at Virtual Signing of Governor’s Bill for S397 / A681

TRENTON, NJ (October 5, 2021)  NJAAW Executive Director Cathy Rowe, DrPH, was invited to speak at the governor’s virtual signing of Bill S397 / A681 to extend protections against discrimination based on age.

“I am honored to be here to celebrate the signing of this bill into NJ law,” said Dr Rowe.

“The notion of 65 as a magical retirement age dates back to a time when most Americans worked for one employer for most of their careers, large companies guaranteed generous retirement plans, we never expected to live. that five to 10 years after retirement and let’s say remember that most women were not in the paid workforce. So much has changed, and our ideas about when to work and when to retire must change as well.
“Aging well is everyone’s goal. And the ability to work as long as we want and are able to work is an important part of making New Jersey a age-friendly state. Employment of older people is recognized by the World Health Organization, the International Federation on Aging and AARP as part of healthy aging for several reasons.

“Of course, employment provides income and economic security. The 2019 NJ Seniors’ Economic Security Index shows that many of our residents over 65 live far too close to the poverty line to meet their housing, health and basic needs if they don’t. not work. While Social Security was never intended to be a sole source of income, it is, in reality, the only income for a significant portion of older New Jersey residents.

“But employment also offers much more. Whether it’s a part-time job or a long career, the job has positive impacts on a person’s overall well-being by providing social connections and purpose, and it empowers people people to share years of experience and expertise. Many find that their vocation is an essential part of their identity which has fascinated them for years. We also need to look to the near future, where by 2030 we will have more residents over the age of 60 than in our schools. This will have a profound impact on our labor pool and our employment practices.

“NJAAW applauds the passage of this bill which eliminates the mandatory retirement age. We applaud him for recognizing aging as we work for diversity, equity and inclusion. We applaud that this removes the possibility of discriminating against an individual purely on the basis of their age, and we look forward to the positive impact this will have on so many in our condition. Thank you.”

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