Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh talks about Karan Kundrra’s personal life; said to Devoleena Bhattacharjee “I never know what #Tejran’s guarantee is because he had 5-6 GFs in the past”

Bigg Boss 15’s weekend ka vaar episode saw a huge fight between Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh and Karan Kundrra, such as during a task that Ritesh called a bogus relationship between Tejasswi and Karan and just to the game. During another assignment, Karan got a chance to settle scores and he made some personal comments regarding Rakhi and Ritesh’s relationship. He called Ritesh a coward who abandoned his wife because he was afraid his business would suffer. In the last episode, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Ritesh sat down to have a conversation on #TejRan.

During the conversation, Devoleena shared with Ritesh that he misunderstood Tejasswi Prakash because she knows her from the outside and she thinks Tejasswi is not one of those girls who would fake a relationship to be in the series. Ritesh immediately added that he didn’t think it was a fake from Tejasswi’s side and that he had sympathy for her and that it was just teenage love. He further added that he was aware of Karan’s past relationships, but never commented on any.

Ritesh said, “I’m a guy and I can understand another man’s truth, especially about things like this. I knew he had 4/5 girlfriends in the past, but I never broached this topic or told Karan what is the guarantee of # TejRan as you had 4/5 girlfriends in the past as that would have a personal attack. I would never attack anyone personally. I don’t think so not that someone needs to show their partner or the viewers that they love or love the other person. Do you think that if I love Rakhi, I have to show it to the world by hugging her and licking her? ‘kissing all the time. I should feel like that’s enough. ”

Devoleena also agrees to show off and says, “Ye baat aapne sahi kahi hai.”

Ritesh also had a huge confrontation in the house with Umar Riaz who attempted to threaten Rakhi Sawant. Ritesh, who was sitting next to Umar, challenged him to touch them or touch the bundle of stars they have. Fifth joker, Abhijeet Bhiichukale entered the house and he also had an argument with Umar for exchanging his bed.

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