Protecting access to abortion is worth eliminating the filibuster


Senate Leader Chuck Schumer said he would introduce the bill because people deserve to know where every senator stands. He used the name of Chief Justice John Roberts to describe the Supreme Court in his remarks.

“Few issues are as personal, as private and as important to Americans as whether or not to have an abortion,” Schumer said Wednesday. “The nation will be watching to see who in this chamber will defend this precious right to choose and who will stand with the Roberts court to destroy that right with one stroke.”

Warnock has spoken out in favor of ending the filibuster when it comes to passing federal election law. Democrats could do it with their majority, but two moderates — US sensitivities Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia — do not favor the change. As a result, electoral legislation has stalled.

Now, Warnock applies the same argument to the issue of abortion rights.

“I think that no Senate rules and no Senate procedures are more important than people’s constitutional rights,” he said. “And it’s our duty, as one of the three equal branches of government, to find a way to stand with the American people, 70% of whom believe it’s a woman’s right to choose. .”

Warnock’s Georgian counterpart, U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff, also argued for an end to the filibuster if it means passing an election bill. And he also said this week that he supports passing a federal law guaranteeing access to abortion.

But Ossoff has yet to decide whether he would support ending the filibuster for that to happen.

“Sen. Ossoff will carefully consider any proposed rule changes,” his spokesperson said.


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