Live Updates: Russia invades Ukraine


Russian forces have advanced near Hostomel airport about 5 kilometers (or about 3 miles) over the past day, a senior US defense official told reporters on Thursday.

Russian forces continue to “advance their troops” along two parallel lines outside Kyiv, and within these lines the nearest line has “reached about 40 kilometers east of Kyiv”, it said. the manager.

“We see the Russian forces continuing to push their troops forward, they’re really along two kinds of parallel lines there, and we estimate that the more northerly of those two lines, the closer line has reached about 40 kilometers east of Kyiv,” the official said. noted.

Of these two lines, “the one that is south of the two that sort of emanates from Sumi, we also feel that some of [the Russian forces] could have reached about 40 kilometers from Kyiv,” the official said.

On the southern line, the official believes Russian forces “could reposition towards Sumi,” but it’s unclear how many forces, how fast they are retreating or why they are doing so, the official said.

The town of Chernihiv is “now isolated”, the official said.

The official also said on Thursday that Russian forces have carried out “775 missile launches” of “all kinds, all different varieties” since they began their invasion of Ukraine.

The United States has seen “reports of internet outages, particularly around Mariupol and Kherson,” over the past 24 hours, the official added.

Here is a glimpse of Russia


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