Illinois Leaks | Bill tabled making firearms manufacturers / dealers liable for injuries / deaths –




Illinois State Representative Margaret Croke to file HB4156 today, which would make gun manufacturers and dealers (including people who legally sell guns) financially liable for injuries or deaths resulting from the illegal discharge of a gun in the ‘State.

Synopsis as presented:

Creates the Firearms Dealers and Importers Liability Act. Provides that the law may be called the Heartbeat Protection Act. Provides that any manufacturer, importer or dealer of a firearm will be held strictly responsible for any bodily injury or death if the bodily injury or death is a direct result of the illegal discharge of the firearm in the State. Allows anyone, other than an agent or employee of a state or local government entity, to bring a civil action against any person or entity that breaks the law. Requires the court to grant the winning claimant: (1) an injunction; (2) statutory damages in the amount of at least $ 10,000 for each person injured or killed by a firearm that the defendant manufactured, imported or sold; and (3) legal fees and expenses. Provides for various limitations.

This bill, which will hopefully never see the light of day, strips off a plethora of tusks of any defendant charged under this bill if it becomes law.

It even robs a court of the power to find it incompatible with the Second Amendment, unless certain strict conditions are proven.

But it exempts firearms / dealers / manufacturers if the firearm was originally distributed to government entities or to prosecution government employees if the firearm was originally distributed to them in an official capacity. .

Croke is also a co-sponsor of the Anti-First Amendment HB4151.

At least she sponsors them in numerical order …



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