How to get and create blueprints in Super People


The new battle royale Super People has managed to turn some heads with its new take on the battle royale genre. With new takes, however, come new mechanics that players will need to understand in order to receive the best opportunity to survive a match.

A unique mechanic is a multitude of weapon blueprints that players can then put together. A completed weapon can then be added to a player’s personal supply pool, which arrives early in every match and can be unlocked for a fixed price. Weapons that arrive in Personal Supply are slightly weaker than weapons that can be found during a match, but this is complemented by unique sights and weapon expansions that players can assemble.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are several weapon levels players can find blueprints for: Rare (four stars, one random attribute), Heroic (five stars, two random attributes), Legendary (six stars, three random attributes), and Mythic (seven stars , four random attributes).

During a match, players will find random blueprints for various weapons. The only way to ensure that all weapon blueprints come out of the match is to win the match itself. However, death does not guarantee that players will lose all of their earned blueprints during this match. Instead, the further the player goes, the more likely they are to stick with their plans.

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Once all the blueprints have been collected, players will need to access their inventory in the lobby and use credits to build the weapon to store in the personal drop. The cost of building a weapon varies depending on its rarity: rare weapons cost 2,000, heroic weapons cost 10,000, legendary 50,000, and mythical 250,000.

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Once the weapon is complete, users should head to the Personal Supply tab to add the new weapon to the Personal Drop. Note that the more you add to a personal Drop, the higher the costs of unlocking that Drop during a match.


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