Horizon Worlds Adds Over 100 Prefabs With Asset Library


Starting today, you can access a library of pre-made assets in Meta’s virtual creation tool, Horizon Worlds.

Still in open beta in the United States and Canada, Horizon Worlds lets Quest and Rift users create virtual worlds, items, and experiences to share with friends and others. But, until now, any item or accessory that a user might want to use in their creation would have to be made from scratch. This is useful for those who want to create worlds from their own content, but Meta now adds a shortcut for those who don’t want to create unique resources for every aspect of their worlds. This is called the element library.

As it stands, the Asset Library is basically a curated list of 3D assets created by Meta staff and some members of the Horizon community, allowing you to quickly integrate them into your own creation. So you might be able to quickly add guitars to a concert hall, for example, provided the library contains the relevant asset.

You will also be able to see how items in the Item Library were created to get tips for your own work.

It doesn’t currently appear to be possible for anyone to upload any of their creations to the library, but Meta will add more items to the library over time and ask users to share ideas and vote for others for what they want to see next. We asked the company if there were any plans to allow community members to monetize their creations in any way through this new feature, but a spokesperson for Meta said it wasn’t. not currently a supported option.


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