Global Consumer Asset Tracking Solutions Market Report


Dublin, 05 July 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Consumer Asset Tracking Solutions” report has been added to from offer.

Consumer asset tracking is a sub-segment of the broader consumer IoT market. While the latter concept includes all IoT devices developed for the consumer market, consumer asset tracking focuses on solutions and services using location data.

To enable remote monitoring and control, a solution must include GNSS or other positioning technology and some type of wireless wide area network such as cellular networks, satellite networks, LoRa or Sigfox. Tracking solutions based solely on short-range technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are therefore not included in the report.

Major family tracking and parental control service providers include US-based Smith Micro Software and Life360. Smith Micro offers white label solutions to mobile network operators (MNOs) and now has contracts with all three major carriers in the United States. The main suppliers of children’s GPS watches are Xplora Technologies in Europe and Verizon in North America.

Smartcom Mobility Solutions is a leading platform provider for children’s GPS watches and other consumer asset tracking segments, used by several MNOs and manufacturers in the United States and Europe. The pet tracking market is dominated by the Austrian company Tractive, which now has a subscriber base in the hundreds of thousands. In North America, the leading pet tracking solution providers are Fi, Whistle Labs, Halo, and Wagz. These latter two companies offer combined pet tracking and containment solutions.

Main topics covered:


1. Introduction

2. Follow-up of the family and children
2.1 Population in Europe and North America
2.2 Family Tracking Solutions
2.3 Child Tracking Solutions and Vendor Market Share

3. Pet Tracking
3.1 Pet population in Europe and North America
3.2 Pet Tracking Solutions and Vendor Market Shares

4. Passenger Car Tracking
4.1 Passenger car fleet in Europe and North America
4.2 Car theft in Europe and North America
4.3 Telematics solutions
4.4 Vendor Market Shares

5. Consumer Vehicle Tracking
5.1 Europe and North America Consumer Vehicle Fleet
5.2 Consumer vehicle theft
5.3 Consumer Vehicle Tracking Solutions and Vendor Market Shares

6. General tracking of consumer assets
6.1 General Consumer Asset Tracking Solutions

7. Market forecasts and trends
7.1 Market Forecast
7.2 Market trends
7.2.1 LPWA networking technologies create new market opportunities
7.2.2 Apple AirTag strengthens consumer asset tracking market
7.2.3 Specialized solutions have a competitive advantage
7.2.4 Pet tracking is a market with great potential
7.2.5 Continued expansion of the automotive telematics concept for the aftermarket is expected
7.2.6 Booming bike tracking

Companies cited

  • BrickHouse Security
  • C-safety systems
  • Invoxia
  • LandAirSea systems
  • LugLoc
  • MiniFinder
  • Samsung Electronics
  • Trackimo
  • Vodafone
  • yepzon

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