GERRY WEBER International: 2021 Annual Financial Report



02 Foreword by the Management Board

06 Company

08 GERRY WEBER brands

16 GERRY WEBER share

18 Report of the Supervisory Board

24 Report on corporate governance

32 Combined management report

34 Commercial and general conditions

42 Economic and sector report

44 Earnings, Net Worth and Financial Situation

53 Forecast, Risk and Opportunity Report

65 Economic situation of GERRY WEBER International AG

68 Report according to § 289a HGB and § 315a HGB

71 Corporate Governance Statement

71 Extra-financial report

72 Consolidated Financial Statements

74 Consolidated balance sheet

76 Consolidated income statement

77 Consolidated statement of comprehensive income

78 Consolidated statement of changes in equity

79 Consolidated statement of cash flows

80 Notes to the consolidated financial statements 82 General Information

96 Accounting and valuation principles

113 Notes on the balance sheet

129 Notes on the income statement

134 Additional information and explanations regarding financial instruments

141 Notes to the statement of cash flows

143 Segment information

146 Miscellaneous information

152 Independent auditor’s report

164 Separate financial statements of GERRY WEBER International AG 166 Balance sheet

168 Income statement

173 Financial Calendar, Disclaimer and Disclaimer


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