Farm Groups Call on Biden to Secure Border and Enforce US Immigration Laws | national


(The Center Square) – The Texas Farm Bureau and 50 other state and national farm organizations have called on the Biden administration to “enforce legal immigration” after an influx of illegal immigration sparks a wave of crime affecting pastoralists and farmers.

“The current situation should not be acceptable to you or to any American,” they write to the secretaries of the US departments of Homeland Security, Agriculture and Home Affairs. “People are treated as a source of disposable income and landowners live in fear while coyotes [human smugglers] to reap a windfall by leaving people destitute. You must not allow this to continue. On behalf of farm and ranch families and our communities, we urge you to recognize the crisis and take swift action. “

They describe the plight of farmers and ranchers living along the southern border: “Farming and ranch families, many of whom have owned land for generations, are bearing the brunt of this unprecedented influx and have never seen such a dire situation. … Their crops and property are damaged, which in turn has caused financial hardship. … Landowners suffer from cut fences, destroyed crops, compromised water sources, vandalism, litter on their property and… the safety and security of these families is at stake… ”

The Texas Farm Bureau has also started publishing stories along the southern border by farmers and ranchers affected by illegal immigration to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. Illegal immigration “threatens personal safety, causes severe financial hardship and disruption, and overwhelms local resources,” he said.

Among the videos and links to testimonials it says, “Personal accounts are real. Some identities are protected due to security concerns for those who share their history. “

The Texas Farm Bureau adds that “the current situation is untenable. Farm and ranch families are paying the price for this unprecedented influx. The office encourages residents to contact their elected federal and state leaders to urge them to take action.

In the May 31 disaster declaration released by Governor Greg Abbott, Texas is seeking reimbursement from the federal government and Texans for costs incurred by illegal immigrants entering their lands and committing crimes. Sheriffs and judges have been tasked with providing two-year budget projections to the state for the legislature to allocate money to border security efforts.

Abbott also urged Texas landowners and ranchers to complete the state’s self-report damage survey to report the damage. Reporting is voluntary and does not guarantee disaster assistance.

In June, Border Patrol reported approximately 190,000 encounters and 51,000 people who entered the United States illegally and escaped capture, the highest number ever in Border Patrol history.Bordon Judd, President of the Border Patrol Council said last week at a border summit in Del Rio, Texas.


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