Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA expands and integrates a subsidiary in Brazil


SAN DIEGO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–Today, Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA announced the creation of Ethos Capital Brasil Ltda. (EB) in Brazil, a recent creation and an addition to the Ethos Group. The company was incorporated on April 14e, 2021, by the President and CEO of Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA, Carlos Santos, in Brazil with the support of his Executive Director for Central and South America – Mayra Fonseca Couto.

This new operation and physical presence will allow Ethos to overcome some of the challenges associated with receiving financial guarantees and other financial instruments at its US banks in various global jurisdictions. ECB will enable Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA, to conduct its day-to-day financing activities around the world and enter new markets by providing much-needed investments to local businesses, corporations, governments and community organizations.

The company regards this decision as a significant development in the continued growth and expansion of the Ethos group. This decision will go a long way to meet the needs of the Brazilian market by having a physical presence in the country and will allow Ethos to protect its clients from exposure to the exchange rate of the Brazilian real against the US dollar. At the same time, this new structure enables Ethos to provide a more tailor-made, more efficient and more efficient service of excellence to its clients, who currently represent 39% of Ethos’ closing pipeline.

Carlos Santos, President and CEO of Ethos, said: “We were very excited and motivated to establish a subsidiary of Ethos in Brazil. This will offer our current and future Brazilian clients and potential partners in the region the opportunity to be funded by Ethos in a dynamic, efficient and personal way. Our movement is based on the relevance of the market in terms of size and the fact that we have energy and natural resources and infrastructure and “country development” as target sectors for investment, these areas are exceptionally large and predominant in the Brazilian economy. Our new local structure allows us to hedge the exchange rate exposure of our clients and to provide our investments with better support and a multiple offering of current solutions for our clients. In our opinion, the pandemic has opened the door to one of the world’s largest emergency markets and the perennial member of the BRICS.

Mayra Fonseca Couto, Executive Director for Central and South America of Ethos, Brazil, said: “Brazil is an extremely important player in the emerging markets group and is clearly one of the best in terms of investment opportunities. The banking system in Brazil is modernizing and Ethos wishes to support it in the capitalization of Brazilian entities by combining global financing and local expertise. To have this opportunity to support Ethos and to be a partner in our visionary strategy will have a unique impact on the Brazilian economy is truly an honor. Ethos is a driver of structural change and can enable our country to be a more developed, organized and sustainable nation, fulfilling its dream of leading as a member of the BRICS and becoming a fully developed country.

Perminio Moreira, CEO and Board Member of Meat Group, said: “Ethos sees Brazil as a priority in terms of building long-term relationships. We are very happy to have a first class partner who research our region with such attention and provide dedicated local support throughout the process of building the Meat Foods project, as well as other activities looking to grow. at the moment of market recovery. ”

About Ethos Capital Brasil Ltda. :

ETHOS Capital Brasil Ltda., a limited liability company, incorporated under the laws of Brazil, is a subsidiary of Ethos Asset Management Inc., with a global reach in project finance. Ethos allocates its own resources to finance public and private projects on all continents and in all sectors by providing capital to structure projects and restructure debt.

About Ethos Asset Management:

Ethos Asset Management (Ethos) is an independent US-based company with a global reach in resource mobilization and project finance. By providing financing to public and private projects on all continents and in all sectors, Ethos has developed a unique risk modulation model that allows them to provide financing on terms that are not available anywhere on the financial markets. traditional. In addition, Ethos provides advice on structuring projects and restructuring debt. Ethos supports and develops its clients to navigate changing market environments to achieve their long term goals with confidence. For more information on Ethos Asset Management, please visit

You can hear Carlos Santos, CEO of Ethos, in Dubai, where he is a guest speaker and panelist at the Leaders Without Borders Leadership Summit and International Honors, the # 1 gathering of top professionals from around the world, at the Habtoor Palace. , Dubai, September 29-30, 2021.

For more information on Ethos, please visit:


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