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Global Stock Exchange Group (GSX) today announced a strategic investment in CSX to launch a trading platform for tokenized assets and digital securities in Asia.

CSX, which is part of the Coinstreet Partners group, plans to create a next-generation financial marketplace with blockchain-based settlement and ledger solutions and is currently performing due diligence on Asian sites to identify which one will be best suited for host the new platform.

The GSX Group, which owns the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and fintech GATENet, specializes in the design and operation of digital financial market infrastructures and anticipates that all settlement and ledger activities will eventually be replaced by protocol technologies. based on the distributed ledger.

CSX aims to support investors with their tokenization requirements ranging from stablecoins, real estate, manufacturing, media and entertainment and other industries.

Founded in 2017, its parent company Coinstreet is a decentralized investment bank, wealth management and advisory firm focused on digital assets and fintech.

“The tokenization of assets is a game-changer in the financial market,” says Samson Lee, Founder and CEO of Coinstreet. “It can facilitate the inclusion of wealth by providing investors from different regions with access to high-quality investment opportunities on a global scale, while providing companies with profitable growth capital.”

Coinstreet claims that security token offerings (STOs) are an important new trend for fundraising in the primary market, while the STO exchange provides global liquidity from the secondary market. “The two are natural partners with strong synergies with each other,” said Stephen Law, senior advisor at Coinstreet. “Coinstreet is heading in both strategic directions.”

GSX Group CEO Nick Cowan said: “Our digital financial market infrastructure has been designed to reduce costs, eradicate failures, reduce risk and increase capital efficiency, with financial market solutions, on-chain settlement and ledger through blockchain infrastructure, leading to larger global investor pools. , better price discovery and higher levels of interoperability between different protocols.

To illustrate the potential offered by this collaboration, which aims to bring together the experience of capital markets, fintech innovation and trade networks from Europe and Asia, GSX and Coinstreet refer to a survey by the World Economic Forum which predicts that 10% of global GDP, with an estimated market capitalization of $ 24 trillion, will be symbolized by 2027.


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