Digital Asset Liquidity Innovator Tritum Raises Seed Funding


Toronto, Canada, May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) Tritum Inc, is pleased to announce the closing of its $1.1 million seed funding in early 2022, by a consortium of investors including Blue Node Capital, Nabais Capital, and Loopring, the Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution project, and a number of private investors.

Tritum, now a team of over 10 people, was founded by a group of world leaders in building electronic markets and exchanges with decades of accumulated experience, including Nasdaq, TMX, banks and HFTs , bringing their talent and experience to building high-performance, best-in-class solutions for digital asset markets.

Tritum’s current operating businesses are Blocktane, a global crypto exchange with a significant presence, including fiat gateways in Brazil, and Vesi, a high-frequency proprietary trader and liquidity provider.

Tritum will continue to expand the throughput and size of each of its existing operating businesses and expand its presence in data, information and the issuance of trading products based on Tritum’s own indices and strategies.

Blocktane, has over 250,000 users, having experienced explosive growth since the launch of Blocktanium (BKT), its platform token in June 2021. Blocktane is focused on growing its volumes and user base through a soon-to-be-launched liquidity mining program rewarding traders on Blocktane through a long-term BKT reward pool.

Blocktane also recently launched integration with Layerswap to allow direct withdrawals from Blocktane to Loopring and other Ethereum Layer Two scaling networks.

Vesi is connected to over 30 exchanges and specializes in market making on CEX and DEX exchanges focused on order books, including contract market making for exchanges and issuers looking for competitive liquidity .

Tritum strives to be a leader in secure and reliable platforms capable of meeting any regulatory or market standards. As a result, Blocktane was the first exchange in Brazil that included separate third-party custody with insurance for the storage of hot and cold wallet client assets.

Tritum will announce several exciting initiatives during 2022 through Blocktane, Vesi, including credit and custody products, web3 data and complex derivatives.


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