DFA is now the largest active ETF asset manager


DFA has long been the preferred asset manager of financial advisors, offering disciplined yet flexible long-term strategies based on the idea that small companies outperform big, value companies outperform growth, and profitable companies outperform those that are less profitable.

“Having these strategies in an ETF wrapper has made ‘the DFA method’ accessible to legions of advisors who might not have had access to the old model,” Nadig said, noting that ETFs of the company have already attracted nearly $1 billion in asset flows. year.

Its four fixed income ETFs, which have raised nearly $1 billion since their debut in mid-November 2021 – an achievement DFA executives celebrated during a virtual ringing of the opening bell on the 19 January on the New York Stock Exchange.

The company plans to launch 10 more ETFs – two US, four international, three emerging markets ETFs and a US real estate ETF later this year, according to a very recent filing with the SEC. Three value ETFs – for the US, non-US developed markets and emerging markets – are part of this mix, the first two being small-cap value, which topped the S&P 500’s 27% gain in 2021 .

The fees for the ETFs offered range from 0.19% for the US Real Estate ETF to 0.49% for the International Small Cap Value ETF.


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