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Anitha Tangellamudi who was facing chewing problems due to overlapping teeth contacted dentist Dr. Kartik Reddy at Sravani Dental Hospital which was owned and run by her. On the advice of the dentist, Anitha underwent root canal treatment of four upper anterior teeth with porcelain fused to metal crowns.
The treatment caused disfigurement of her face. She learned that no x-rays were taken although it was necessary to have a high quality parallel long cone x-ray before opting for root canal treatment. She alleged that three of her front teeth had been permanently disfigured from the grinding and that her vital teeth had been killed. When this was brought to the attention of the dentist, he gave plastic caps for these teeth. However, that didn’t help and she continued to face problems.
Anitha filed a case in Hyderabad District Forum alleging dental negligence, for which she sought compensation of Rs 20 lakh.
The complaint was disputed, stating that Anitha had badly decayed teeth and that it was not possible to perform orthodontic surgery as she was over 40 years old. The endodontist, Dr. Shannu Kumar, was therefore brought in for root canal treatment. It was denied that there was any negligence or deficiency in the service.
The district forum referred the dispute to a panel of experts, two of whom felt the treatment was appropriate, while another felt the dentist had been negligent. Based on the majority opinion, the Forum dismissed the complaint.
Anitha appealed to the Andhra Pradesh State Commission, found the dentist negligent for not taking the x-ray. She also observed that no evidence had been produced by the dentist to demonstrate that the root canal treatment should be performed on healthy teeth. So cancel the judgment of the Forum and order the hospital to pay Rs 5 lakh with 9% interest.


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