Declare your assets now, says Ondo PDP to Akeredolu’s son


The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has asked Babajide Akeredolu, the son of Ondo State Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, to declare his assets after being appointed by his father to the current state administration.

Recall that Governor Akeredolu recently appointed his son, Babajide, to the post of Director General of the State’s Performance and Project Implementation Monitoring Unit (PPIMU), an appointment that had elicited mixed reactions. in the state.

According to a statement released by opposition party advertising secretary Kennedy Ikantu Peretei, Akeredolu has made history on the wrong side by being the first governor to appoint his son to a powerful post unrecognized by the government. law.

In the statement titled “Akeredolu’s maladministration in Ondo State (9): puts his son on a collision course with the law,” he said: “Now that Babajide Akeredolu has become a civil servant, he is now mandatory for him to declare his assets with the Office of the Code of Conduct.

“It is no longer news that Babajide Akeredolu, the son of the Governor of Ondo State, has been sworn in as the Director General of the Performance Monitoring and Project Implementation Unit ( PPIMU) by his father on Monday, December 13, 2021 with 14 others as state. Commissioners.

“Images from the event captured Akeredolu trying to alter the buttons on her son’s dress, while mother Ms. Betty Akeredolu watched father and son in awe.”

He further stated: “He has to do this at the start and end of his term as CEO, PPMIU. He must declare all the houses and gas stations he bought with the 430 million naira he collected from the Ondo public treasury without lifting a finger.

“He is under the law, the source of his billions siphoned from Ondo State should declare.” He is expected to state where he previously worked before his father was elected governor so he acquired such assets.

“Babajide’s father is a lawyer, I expect him to know that all of his properties that are not listed in his Code of Conduct asset declaration forms will be forfeited to the federal government.

“It has been more than three weeks since Mr. Governor’s son took up his post as CEO in the civil service of Ondo State. He should now have completed his asset declaration forms. If he hasn’t, it is in his best interests to do so quickly.

“If he fails to include its main properties, he should know the implications. This is where greed led father, wife and son.


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