Commentary: A personal time capsule is at hand | Advance notice on the lake


Today, while opening my Facebook app, I received a notification that I had some “memories” to review. It’s actually one of my favorite parts of Facebook – the ability to read my posts from years ago.

Scrolling through my Facebook memories, I can recall a fantastic trip my husband and I took with friends three years ago. Or, I can relive the moment when I won free concert tickets four years ago. My favorite Facebook memories, however, remind me of the amazing times I’ve had with my family over the years.

When I first joined Facebook, the kids were three years old; so, there were plenty of cute stories to share. My kids showed me every day how sweet, funny, smart, and kind a couple of toddlers could be. Of course, they also made sure to show me the not-so-pretty side of life with young twins. I would then post stories about these magical and sometimes maddening moments.

My friends and family seemed to really enjoy my articles on children’s antics. I often heard that I should cherish those times because no matter how crazy things got and no matter how many tears might be shed, those days wouldn’t last forever and I would miss them terribly when they were gone. These people were right, of course. The early childhood years passed far too quickly, and I was soon living with two school-aged children.

I continued to share stories about my family on Facebook; but the tone of the messages had changed a little. It was less “Kids say the craziest things” and more “Survivor”. We faced a variety of challenges, wins and losses as the kids tried out different sports and activities while working on an ever-increasing workload at school. Looking at the photos and posts from the time, I am overwhelmed with feelings of wonder and pride. How did we do it all? And how did the children manage to continually meet these challenges with such perseverance and grace?

In recent years, my children’s interests have become more focused and my Facebook posts about them have become less frequent. This is partly because of our family’s busy schedule; but it’s also because I’m often under a ‘don’t post about this’ moratorium. Maybe that’s why I like to read my old posts. It could also be because we are currently picking classes for their freshman year and I know planning for college is not far away.

Reading old stories about toddler silliness, kindergarten football games, and fifth-grade story projects is like a breath of fresh air at a time when the pressures of life can sometimes take my breath away. breath.

I’m glad I got into the habit of posting about the daily smiles and extraordinary events in my children’s lives, because I now have a record of everything – the good ones, the bad ones, the successes and the failures. . I’m sure the posts include many moments that I will never forget; but I can also guarantee that there are countless stories that I would certainly have forgotten if they hadn’t been commemorated on my Facebook page.

What started as a way to share fun stories with my family and friends has turned into a beautiful, overflowing time capsule that I open every day. One of the best gifts I could have given myself.

Renee Winick has lived in Prior Lake for nearly two decades, where she resides with her husband, twin son and daughter.


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