Cole Beasley complains that Bills fans are yelling at him to get the shot


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The Bills, after a shocking first week loss at home to the Steelers (made even more shocking by the fact that the Bills have been 3-0 since and the Steelers are 0-3), have become one of the most dominant teams in the NFL. They might be the No.1 team on this week’s PFT power standings, which is almost as significant as a 43-game streak of 100 or more rushing yards.

So at a time when everything is going so well, what can go wrong? Enter Cole Beasley.

The anti-vaxx wideout has returned to Twitter to complain that fans are giving him a hard time not to be vaccinated.

The only place I get booed is in our home stadium,Said Beasley. “Then some of the same people want me to take pictures and sign autographs. I thought the Bills fans were the best in the world? Where did they go ? If the vaccine works, then why do people with vaxxes need to be protected from those without? “

He added that some fans “just behind the bench [are] yelling at me to get vaccinated and say shit. “

Beasley said more. You can check out her Twitter page if you want to see her or interact with her. Frankly, if he doesn’t like the criticism he receives, he shouldn’t have taken such a public stance against the vaccine. There’s a chance no one would even know he wasn’t vaccinated if he hadn’t decided to tweet the criticism of the NFLPA.

People like to insist on their First Amendment rights without considering that others have First Amendment rights as well. You can say whatever you want (within limits, like yelling “fire” in a crowded theater). And others may react to what you say, expressing their belief that you are stupid or whatever. If you don’t want to be criticized for what you say, don’t say it.

I will say this. It’s foolish for Beasley to stir up the dust on his anti-vaxx rhetoric at a time when things are going so well for the Bills. No NFL team wants a distraction. It’s not wise for Beasley to create one at a time when vaccine talk has died down, especially with a big Sunday night game against the Chiefs.


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