Chintai digital asset platform opens office in Singapore


Chintai, a Singapore-based Fintech company that uses blockchain technology to modernize capital markets for banks, financial institutions and asset managers, announces the opening of its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore with an invitation to financial institutions such as banks and asset managers to join its institutional digital asset platform beta program.

As a provider of blockchain technology for the compliant issuance of digital assets, Chintai provides a platform for institutions and SMEs to create, issue and symbolize traditional assets in capital markets. This platform offers institutions a simple way to set up their own emissions, in an interoperable compliance protocol for digital assets that brings efficiency gains and savings compared to current market practices. The institutional beta program includes various asset classes and sophisticated instruments to foster this adoption.

Chintai aims to be the leading technology provider for digital assets that use blockchain, with Singapore as the headquarters for expansion in Asia-Pacific. The company’s vision is supported by well-known global blockchain technology venture capital funds such as B1, Cryptology Asset Group, Collective Capital, Peer Venture Partners, Chimera Wealth, and in partnership with Bovill, a consultancy firm independent in financial services regulation.

David Packham, Founder of Chintai, said: “Our focus on Singapore is a natural move due to its world-class financial infrastructure, business environment and regulatory framework. As we aim to tap into the wider Asia-Pacific market, we see strong potential for blockchain adoption by institutions in this region, with Singapore being a major key market leading the way. With our team of experts with extensive experience in banking, capital markets and blockchain technology, we are confident in raising the overall level of the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore, especially at the institutional level.

Develop and contribute to the FinTech community in Singapore with Blockchain expertise

Given its business-friendly FinTech ecosystem, robust regulatory compliance framework, and open and progressive environment for digital assets, Chintai has set itself the goal of strategically expanding its investment and presence with Singapore as its headquarters. in the APAC. He actively engages the Fintech community in Singapore and works closely with the Singapore Fintech Association and the Blockchain Association of Singapore to lead initiatives in industry, commerce and education.

The company is a Gold Sponsor for the current Singapore Fintech Festival Global Fintech Awards 2021 and is actively recruiting talent for its Singapore office. Chintai is also in collaboration with the Business School of the National University of Singapore for their education programs.

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