Center responsible for citizens’ difficulties: NSUI: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Amritsar, July 2

Targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the steadily rising prices of petroleum products (gasoline, diesel and LPG), National Union of Indian Students (NSUI) Head of State Akshay Sharma said on Friday that the Center was responsible serious difficulties encountered by citizens. NSUI members staged a protest at Novelty Chowk.

“This exorbitant rise in commodity prices has made it nearly impossible for citizens to make ends meet,” he said.

He said the callous central government slept as people desperately searched for ways to survive. He said the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had increased the price of LPG cylinders from Rs 594 to Rs 834 in the past seven months. “In addition, the milk rate was increased as if the already high prices of gasoline and diesel were not enough. The impact on livelihoods and employment has been most striking across all sectors and millions of people have lost their jobs. The arrogance of the Center is killing Indian citizens, ”he said.

Meanwhile, NSUI activists held a march in Tarn Taran on Friday against rising fuel prices. They also burned an effigy of the Union government. Speaking on the occasion, Hrithik Arora, head of state of the union, said that rising fuel prices, especially gasoline and diesel, had wreaked havoc on the everyday budget of the common man, who was struggling to make ends meet.

He alleged that the bad policies of the Union government would be the main cause of the fall of the central government headed by Modi. He said assembly elections scheduled for next year in the state would be the litmus test for the Union government.


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