California City requires gun owners to carry liability insurance


Authorities in San Jose, Calif., Have passed new law that requires gun owners to carry liability insurance and pay fees to cover taxpayer costs associated with gun violence.

The law is the first in the United States and was unanimously approved by city council on Tuesday, a month after a disgruntled employee at the San Jose railroad yard shot and killed nine of his co-workers and then himself at the railroad yard. , reported the San Francisco Chronicle. .

Mayor Sam Liccardo praised the measures and said gun owners who do not comply with the new rules should not have guns.

“We won’t magically end gun violence, but we stop paying for it,” Liccardo said in a statement.

The new law is part of a 10-point gun control plan Liccardo unveiled in the wake of the May 26 mass shooting at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority marshalling yard.

Authorities have yet to decide how much gun owners will have to pay in fees. They would be used to cover the direct costs of gun violence to city taxpayers for services that include police response, ambulance transportation, and gunfire-related medical treatment for the victims.

The fee would be determined following a gun damage study by the Pacific Institute on Research and Evaluation, a group that promotes the health, well-being and safety of individuals and the public.

In a preliminary report released before the vote, the institute estimated that gun-related homicides, suicides and other shootings cost San Jose about $ 63 million a year. A more in-depth study is expected to be completed in the fall.

One of the enforcement challenges will be how to administer the new liability and expense insurance requirements.

City officials know how many guns have been purchased in San Jose since 2001, Liccardo said, but the city has no gun registry and no way to track gun owners.

Earlier this month, city lawmakers passed a new law requiring all retailers to record video and audio of all gun purchases. San José became the largest city in California with such a rule.

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