Brownlee Agency Urges Businesses To Seek Liability Protection With Commercial Insurance In Albany, GA, Moultrie, GA, Sylvester, GA, Tifton and Valdosta


Local businesses and business owners are helped by the Brownlee agency to find the right commercial insurance for liability protection.

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Tifton, GA – (ReleaseWire) – 3/9/2021 – The Brownlee agency in Tifton, GA wants to protect local businesses and business owners by making sure they all have the right business insurance for protection of responsibility. Lawsuits are on the increase, including those relating to workplace practices and behaviors. Even if a business company is convinced it is not responsible, it could still end up spending tens of thousands of dollars on attorney fees and court costs. Workplace lawsuits are on the rise and companies can sometimes seem like easy targets and should be prepared to face any liability concerns.

The Brownlee agency carries commercial insurance for businesses across Albany, GA, Moultrie, GA, Sylvester, GA, Tifton and Valdosta. They also work one-on-one with companies to make sure they have the right coverage. The right business insurance should cover businesses in the event of an accident or third party lawsuit.

“No two companies are ever the same,” the agency noted. “All of our customers are different and have different exposure risks, including vehicles, products, employees, customers, and so on. Part of our job is to make sure we get the right personalized business insurance for them.

Brownlee’s agency approach includes learning about the business and the different types of coverage it needs in commercial insurance in Albany, GA, Moultrie, GA, Sylvester, GA, Tifton and Valdosta. Some companies have company vehicles, some have leased equipment, and others have significant real estate investments. And business customers may not be aware of other areas to which they are exposed, such as cyber liability or accounting errors. Talking to an independent insurance agent can not only help get the right coverage, but can also help the business save money by comparing rates between different carriers.

Some companies have gone bankrupt with liability lawsuits, even though they were not at fault. The costs can relate to any business. The right insurance will not protect you against all damages, but will give you the right lawyer to take all legal proceedings for you.

About the Brownlee agency
The Brownlee agency provides insurance solutions to neighboring areas of Albany, Moultrie, Valdosta, Tifton, Sylvester, GA and surrounding areas in the form of personal and business insurance products. Established in 1974, the agency offers total protection and peace of mind to its clients as a local independent insurance agency creating lifelong partnerships. Their affiliation with top rated insurance companies offers excellent insurance coverage options at competitive prices.

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