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The Blue Earth Business Professionals of America chapter performed well in the regional competition and 26 students will compete in the state competition.

The Blue Earth Area Business Professionals of America (BPA) team sent 32 students to the regional competition in Rochester on January 5, and 26 of those young men and women qualified to qualify for the BPA State competition to be held January 10-12. March. in Minneapolis.

“It’s really exciting to watch this organization grow,” Holly Christian, BEA BPA Advisor, says. “Not only in the total number of children participating, but also in the number of them who qualified to participate in the state competition.

BEA had three individuals and one team go home with first place awards from the regional competition.

Kylie Rosenau finished first in payroll accounting. Calvin Farrow took first place in Fundamental Accounting, Haley Kalis was first in Health Administration: Insurance and Medical Billing and the podcast production team of Seth Stevermer, Bailee Burns, Manav Chaudhari and Marianna Rincon also won. a first place.

“We actually set up our podcast before the region contest,” Rincon explains. “We produce it so it can be listened to on any platform, and then it’s reviewed by the judges on competition day.”

Rincon, a senior who is a freshman member of BPA, is happy to have had success with her three teammates.

“It really takes a lot of teamwork” She adds. “All team members have contributed to our success.

Rosenau is also a senior who is in her first year of membership with the BPA.

“Part of my test was multiple choice and another part required short answers,” she shares. “I also had to demonstrate my proficiency in working with payroll and timesheets.”

Farrow is also a senior but is a veteran among BPA members.

“I’m in my third year with this band,” he comments. “Like Kylie, I had multiple-choice questions and short-answer questions. I also had to produce an income statement and be able to work with debits and credits.”

Kalis is a junior and in her second year of BPA membership.

“For my test, I had to fill out an insurance claim form,” Kalis explains. “I also had to demonstrate basic knowledge of deductions, co-payments and coinsurance.”

Christian says part of the fun is watching BEA individuals and teams compete against each other.

“For example, we have two teams of financial analysts who are really fighting,” says Christian. “Both teams qualified for state. One finished second and the other third.

In addition to the previously mentioned first-place finishers, here are the other students and the categories in which they qualified for the state competition:

One of the two teams of financial analysts moving to State consisted of Levi Osborn, Jack Norman and Eloise Blair. Their team finished in second place.

The financial analyst team of Nick Barke, Cale Borris, Noah Johnson and Parker Meyers finished third to qualify for State.

The parliamentary procedure team of Allie Lopez, Lauren Bleess, Aubrey Hueper, Jazmin Lopez and Lexi Rodriguez also finished second.

In addition to qualifying as a member of the podcast team, Rincon also moved on to State in the prepared speech category with a second place finish.

Two graduate students in Python programming. Farrow did it by finishing in third place and Lopez finished fifth to make the cut as well.

Lilah Farrow will head to the state after finishing third in legal office proceedings.

The broadcast production team of Lilah Farrow and Claire Ziegler became eligible to compete at State after finishing fourth in their class.

Calvin Farrow wasn’t the only student to qualify in fundamental accounting. Osborn finished third, Ziegler sixth and Kalis seventh to all be eligible to compete in the state.

Bleess earned a trip to the state with her seventh-place finish in payroll accounting.

Kyla Roiger finished fourth in spreadsheet fundamentals to also earn a spot on the state team.

In addition to Kalis, Cameron Hassing and Sophie Keister also advanced to the state competition in Health Administration: Insurance and Medical Billing. Hassing finished in fourth place while Keister was fifth.

The ICD-10-CM diagnostics coding category saw Rosenau, Hassing, and Mya Steinhauer progress. Rosenau was third, Hassing was fourth and Steinhauer was fifth.

Keister, with a sixth-place finish in health administration procedures, and Bleess, who placed sixth in business law and ethics, also qualified for the state competition.

“Students who have qualified for the state are not required to compete and their placement in the regional competition is not affected by their choice to move on,” Christian commentaries. “It’s a great opportunity for the children. They have the chance to meet other young people and have fun at the same time.


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